We offer an indoor heated swimming pool, changing rooms, showers and easy parking.

Our Pool's environmentally friendly facility is popular with:


  • Families and groups of friends who want to swim each week in a private, more peaceful setting.
  • Swimming coaches teaching from babies through to adults.  The small classes ensure that every pupil gets the attention they need.

Ripples From The Pool

"Thank you so much for our first pool session....we had such fun and all feel more positive about the term ahead with these little treats in store!!!


I hope we left everything OK.


I am trying to persuade my husband to book another session in the week.....he works shifts, and is not biting at the moment -but I'll keep working on that!!!


My only complaint is that I didn't listen to Jan and come along sooner...


Thanks again....it was fabulous!"         MS  17 January 2017



"Deciding to rent our pool on Sundays is one of the best things we have done.....three family generations go swimming together...it has made Sundays a real family day ...watching our grandson who was just 14 months when we started, grow to be so water confident has been a delight for all of us.  At 20 months he now jumps in and, with the aid of his floaty swimsuit, swims happily up and down the pool with all of us.  Every time we pass the Our Pool sign he asks to go "mimming"....

......and no trip to the pool would be complete without saying hello to the pig when we arrive and goodbye to all the chickens when we leave!

Also I don’t think, if I live to be 100, I will ever laugh as much as when that lady stopped me just outside the pool asking if this was the pool where you could swim with farm animals as she heard that people swam with a pig in the pool......we still all crack up at that !!!

Thanks again...we really do have great fun."  RO 23 February 2015


"Happy New Year! We just wanted to say thank you for our wonderful swimming experiences at Our Pool, it absolutely made our Christmas again and we were delighted to make it back for our New Year swim this time. We bought a friend and her daughter today and they loved it too!"  HB 09 January 15


"Many thanks for providing such a great facility 10 minutes from home.  With the sun shining in, it feels like being on holiday somewhere exotic!"  29 November 2014


"Due to absolutely LOVING the pool (and the delicious eggs!) we would very much like to renew our slot please.  I think we knew it would be too hard to leave once we started - even though it was only supposed to be a summer treat.  H.W. August 2014


“We’re all loving swimming on the dark evenings with the coloured lights.  So relaxing, and a totally different experience to swimming in the daylight.  None of us were really looking forward to swimming in the winter... but all now agree, it’s wonderful!”  J.G. 11 December 2013


“I'm convinced the swimming over the summer and the move to Our Pool has made all the difference to him.  There were several new Mummies at our class today and they were all very complimentary about the pool”  
C.W. 19 November 2013


“From the view of someone who works with lots of swimming pools, I think it's a beautiful pool - really well designed”  R.B. 04 August 2013


“We absolutely love the pool and .. Nathaniel talks about the pool with the pig at the bottom a lot….  Having swum in a few pools for lessons we have been really impressed with how well thought out the pool is and how easy it is to use”  C.W. 09 August 2013

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